In this journey I gave myself to every moment of the work, treasuring them all.


I am currently working on a few projects, including writing several TV pilots I’m hoping to develop; the creation and development of two theater companies; and the production of a show. For more info and any questions, click here to ask me directly. More updates soon!


DETACHED by Charles Dong, Emma DeMuth, and Cristiano Benfenati - Directed by Charles Dong - Spring 2018

Winner of Best Picture at the Tisch48 Film Festival

Mirco, who operates the elevator of a fancy building for a living, gets a chance to spend a day in the company of the tenants he loves the most. She has lost something valuable to her, and he’ll try to help her find it, trying to also deepen the relationship between them outside of the formality of the elevator where he works. This brings them on a relentless search around New York City in this experimental, multi-language, original short film.

GOD IS BUSY SOMEWHERE ELSE written and directed by Edoardo Vitaletti - Fall 2018

Winner for Best Ensemble Cast and Outstanding Production Design at First Run Film Festival

Michele is a young Italian soldier who was sent to fight on the Russian front by people in power with whom he didn’t identify. The war weighs on his young mind and after his battalion got lost in the Russian woods, all his energy and hope seem to vanish. Giancarlo, one of his comrades, tries to give him some strength one night around the warmth of a fire, as he tries to open his heart to a reluctant Michele. What will happen that night will shape the destinies of both, with events that Michele will bring with him forever.

DISASSEMBLY by Steve Yockey - Directed by Reggie D. White - Atlantic Acting School - Spring 2019.

During a Sunday afternoon in an apartment in Brooklyn, 7 people’s lives intertwine after an accident occurred. Evan has just been stabbed, and his sister Ellen calls her best friend Tessa to her apartment for further help after Evan’s fiancé Diane tried her best to patch him up. Along with Tessa comes Stanley, her “best friend,” whose feelings for the girl will be made explicit throughout the play. In the meantime, Mirabelle, Evan and Ellen’s neighbor, and Jerome, Ellen’s boyfriend, come into play, both guided by their hearts. The audience, through the lenses of a twisted Aesop’s fable, sees their deepest instincts and insecurities arise as their attempts to get what they want make them move further and further away from stability.

Stanley and Diane (Caroline Parker) in Steve Yockey’s Disassembly. Directed by Reggie D. White. Spring 2019. Photo by Marzio Fulfaro.

LOVE’S LABOR’S LOST by William Shakespeare - Directed by Shariffa Ali - Atlantic Acting School - Fall 2018

Don Adriano de Armado in Shakespeare’s Love’s Labor’s Lost. Directed by Sharif Ali. Fall 2018. Photo by Joanne Bouknight.

In November 2018 I got the opportunity to play Don Armado in Shakespeare’s Love’s Labor’s Lost, produced in Atlantic Stage 2.