From pretending to be asleep to playing kings, lovers, and fiends.

My Mission:

To allow my everlasting curiosity to bring everyone around me and myself on a journey of exploration, growth, and art. Determined to let myself be open, and share the stories and experiences I love with those who will gift me with their attention.

Don Armado in Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost. Directed by Shariffa Ali. Fall 2018. Photo by Joanna Bouknight.

Reggio Emilia centre. Photo by Dario Veronesi on Unsplash

My Story:

I was born and raised in Reggio Emilia, Italy, and to be completely honest the idea to pursue acting had never crossed my mind until later in my teenage years. I was an athlete, I played basketball, went to my scientific high school, and in my mind I was going to pursue a scientific degree after graduation.

My internal compass shifted in my junior year. During the first semester I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to study in New York. The turning point was the presence of Shakespeare’s King Lear in the syllabus for my English class. I fell in love with that play and got really interested in acting. Falling in love with New York as well, then, made me consider the idea of pursuing acting in college in the United States.

The summer between junior and senior year of high school I took part in a summer camp with the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. My goal was to see if I was any good at it and, most importantly, if I liked it. After three weeks I realized that I’d never enjoyed doing something so much. I fell in love with it. Just like that I’d made up my mind. At that summer camp I also found love, but that’s probably a story best told over a coffee.

Photo by Kris Bramson

After my time in Los Angeles the path was pretty straightforward in my mind. I got involved with a small theater in my hometown, I filled out college applications, and by February 2016 I found out that I had been accepted into Tisch School of the Arts at NYU, before I ever took part in a full-length play, which happened a few months after.

I trained at Tisch School of the Arts, specifically with the Atlantic Acting School which has been my home for my first three years of college, and then at Stonestreet Studios, where I’ve completed my training. This variety allowed me to nurture interests in both theater and on-screen acting, as well as some interests outside of the dramatic arts. As I face the world around me I am eager to create art and collaborate with the powerful minds I have the luck to be surrounded by. I’ll relentlessly work to share the stories I love, on stage and in front of the camera, on paper, or behind the scenes.